Lemon Delicious Slub Tee Charcoal

Lemon Delicious Slub Tee Charcoal


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The Lemon Delicious Slub Tee in Charcoal.

The lightest, fluffiest, sweetest summer pudding. With a crisp lemony finish to lift it up into something so delightful. Really, this is getting carried away but how else to write this description?!

Binny's Lemon Delicious cotton t-shirt is of course, obviously, the lightest fluffiest slub cotton jersey.

Slub means it has a little thread/ fibre line through it - don’t worry it looks cool. A bit like pieces of lemon rind in the pudding. Adds texture = better. With a ridiculously fun french jam jar label for lemon curd print on the front, with an added bonus of a gold glittery outline. 
Just like yourself after a few champagnes.

Oversized on purpose, rolled up sleeve, easy new summer favourite.

Get away from those eternal fave navy stripes, gals!


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